Palazzo Medici Riccardi: Banksy's exhibition "This is not a photo opportunity"

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Palazzo Medici Riccardi: Banksy's exhibition "This is not a photo opportunity"

Palazzo Medici Riccardi, from October 19, 2018 to February 24, 2019, presents the exhibition ' Banksy. This is not a photo opportunity , curated by Gianluca Marziani and Stefano S. Antonelli. The inauguration is scheduled for Thursday, October 18, 2018, at 17.

No one has ever seen him but he is known worldwide for his own art of great ethical, evocative and media power. Originally from Bristol, generically framed in the confines of Street Art, Banksy represents the greatest case of popularity for a living artist since Andy Warhol times.

Between 2002 and 2009 Banksy published 46 images on paper that he sells through his "print house" Pictures On Walls in Commercial Rd. (London). These are images that reproduce some of his famous ones road interventions, documenting works that have become "frescos" popular "but that have often been removed or stolen or simply consumed by time.

The Florence exhibition comes from a selection of the best 20 images so far produced, those that have decreed the planetary success of an artist among the most complex, brilliant and intuitive of our time.

Banksy has always preferred the horizontal spread of images compared to creating unique items. A lesson borrowed from Andy Warhol with its serial approach and the methodical use of screen printing. TO confirmation of an almost hereditary link arrives, in 2007, the exhibition London "Warhol vs. Banksy" at The Hospital in Covent Garden, produced from Banksy in person. As has been reiterated by many signatures international, Banksy represents the best evolution of Pop Art original, the only one who fused serial multiplication together, the hip hop culture, Eighties graffiti and the approaches of the time digital.

Gianluca Marziani explains that for the first time one exhibition examines and analyzes the original images of Banksy within an exhaustive semantic framework that brings its origins, references, relationships among the elements, implications and plans of relevance. TO completion of the exhibition path, the public will have available an infographic on the chronology of the artist, extensive historical data sheets on the works with photographic documentation, the original "black books", original posters of his exhibitions, counterfeit banknotes, balloons "I am an imbecile "used at Dismaland and a selection of videos.

"Banksy takes advantage of the persuasive, pedagogical, propaedeutic power, critical and hermeneutic of the image to activate critical thinking popular by himself called "entry-level" - explains Stefano Antonelli -. The artist's work seems to come in tension on the plane polarized on which to oppose images of handicraft production (B. Groys) to the overwhelming flow of industrial images (advertising), using the figure of the situationist "détournement", through a powerful layer of typical "british humor", a practice that he himself will baptize as "Brandalism".

The exhibition is promoted and produced by the MetaMorfosi Association, with the Patronage of the Metropolitan City of Florence, the support of the Tuscany Region and the collaboration of Mus.e.


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