Santo Stefano al Ponte

Santo Stefano al Ponte is transformed into the "Cathedral of the image". Unlike other multimedia exhibitions, the images will no longer be projected on the monitor-panels but directly on the walls of the former church allowing you to enjoy the altar of Giambologna, the balcony of Buontalenti and the tombs of the earth. Another novelty, a highlight of the exhibition, the hall of mirrors where an 8-minute video will be projected on the works of Van Gogh, from the branch of flowered almond to sunflowers, perfect for taking pictures of memories immersed in art.

The immersive experience dedicated to Van Gogh eai Maletetti will be open from 6 December 2018 to 31 March 2019. Crossmedia Group, the company that created the exhibition, is conquering not only Italy - with exhibitions in Rome and Milan - but also the 'Orient.
Together with Van Gogh, the artists included in the exhibition are: Paul Cézanne (Aix-en-Provence 1839 - Aix-en-Provence 1906), Paul Gauguin (Paris 1848 - Hiva Oa 1903), Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (Albi 1864 - Saint-André-du-Bois 1901), Chaïm Soutine (Smiloviči 1893 - Paris 1942) and the Tuscan Amedeo Modigliani (Livorno 1884 - Paris 1920); in addition to these will also appear works by other contemporary artists who contributed to the representation of the Paris of the time with their works.

The story of the works lasts 60 minutes, it is developed by means of the 360-degree multiprojection of high-definition images accompanied by a soundtrack diffused in Dolby HD. The videos will not only affect the walls of Santo Stefano but also the floor and to enjoy 360 degrees of experience has been thought of a little desk from which you can look out over the "hall of mirrors".

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