Florence4Ever at the Franchi stadium

A unique event that celebrates the union between Italy and the United States of America. On 8 June the Franchi stadium will be the stage for two international guests: John Legend and Mariah Carey at Florence4Ever.

The show is a celebratory event inspired by the historical ties between the city of Florence and the USA produced by Dream Loud (creative agency specializing in entertainment and branding, based in Los Angeles and New York). The Florence show, which combines sport, music and entertainment, is born from the partnership between ACF Fiorentina and Dream Loud and from the vlontà of bringing the show to a very important city for the "New World".

The event that was supposed to take place on July 4, on the occasion of the Independence Day, will take place about a month before because the Franchi stadium was not available. The two super stars will perform in an event concert accompanied by The Independence Orchestra and the Italian Youth Orchestra of Fiesole, their most famous songs will be rearranged so as to create a unique event of its kind.
Taking advantage of the presence of a talented orchestra, some music by soundtracks such as Star Wars, Dances with Wolves will also be offered. Mayor Nardella could participate as a cellist playing Schindler's List.
John Legend (winner of an Oscar, an Emmy, a Tony, a Golden Globe and 1st Grammy Awards) will be the star of the evening with Mariah Carey, who will arrive in the city accompanied by an entourage of 50 people including many dancers. For the singer Florence will be the only Italian stop on his "Caution" tour 2019, while for John Legend it will be the only European date of his summer tour.
The artists will be in Florence from June 5th. The organizers have hinted that some surprises are planned, such as a concert on June 7th. More information will be available in the coming months.

Florence and the USA are united by a close relationship that goes back to the friendship between Thomas Jefferson (third President of the States) and Phillip Mazzei (he worked with Jefferson to become one of the first to export Italian products to America and in his writings he expressed the concept "all man being equal in nature" that Jefferson later reworked for in the Declaration of Independence).