On display in Vinci

We have recovered a lock of hair overseas which has historically been called "Les Cheveux de Leonardo da Vinci", along with another heirloom; this extraordinary relic will allow to proceed in the search of its DNA ». The curators of the exhibition "Leonardo Vive" announce it: the Leonardist Alessandro Vezzosi, director of the Ideal Museum Leonardo Da Vinci, and the historical Agnese Sabato, president of the Leonardo Da Vinci Heritage, who in 2016 made known the existence of the living descendants of Leonardo (meaning his father Ser Piero and his brother Domenico).

This and other important news will be illustrated during a press conference to be held Thursday 11 May, at 11.00am, at the Leonardo Library in Vinci (via La Pira 1), introduced by the Mayor of Vinci Giuseppe Torchia and by the Director General of Leonardo Da Vinci Spa, SimonPietro Felice.

A symbolic date was chosen to reveal the news, on May 2nd. On the day of the fifth centenary of Leonardo's death, the exhibition "Leonardo Vive" starts in Vinci, also on the occasion of the reopening of the "Ideal Leonardo Da Vinci Museum" and the inauguration of the new "Leonardo Museum and the Renaissance of Wine".

"The historical find of the lock of hair - explains Alessandro Vezzosi -, which until now had remained in the secret of an American collection, will be exhibited in a world preview, along with documents that demonstrate its ancient French provenance".

It is the element that was missing to give further scientific concreteness to our historical research - adds the scholar Agnese Sabato -. Thanks to the genetic analysis on this exhibit, which will be crossed with the DNA exams of the living descendants and of the burials that we have identified in recent years, it is now possible to make checks for the DNA research of the genius, also in relation to the tomb of Leonardo ad Amboise. "