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Piazza San Marco is a square in the northern area of the historic center of Florence .

The quadrangular square has a very typical shape: surrounded by elegant buildings is dominated by the facade of the church and convent of San Marco , from which it takes its name; in the center there is a small green area with trees, with a central statue surrounded by benches and, as in the homonymous Venetian square , crowded with pigeons. The bronze statue in question portrays General Manfredo Fanti (who died in Florence), a work of 1873 by the sculptor Papi, modeled after Pio Fedi .

The square was built in the first half of the fifteenth century, when Cosimo the Elder commissioned Michelozzo to build the church and convent for the Sylvan monks, then passed to the Dominicans from the monastery of San Domenico di Fiesole . In ancient times the area was called San Marco al Cafaggio , because here there was a fenced wooded area, as the name indicates, or San Marco Nuovo , to distinguish it from San Marco Vecchio . The square and the whole complex of San Marco became inflamed during the years in which Girolamo Savonarola was the prior, and were the scene of the dramatic clashes between the whining, that is, the followers of the Ferrarese friar, and their adversaries. The church remained without a facade until 1780 , when the current neoclassical style was added.