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The Basilica of Santa Croce , in the homonymous square in Florence , is one of the largest churches officiated by the Franciscans and one of the greatest achievements of Gothic in Italy . It is known as Temple of the Glories for the numerous burials of the great artists, writers and scientists that it contains.
Despite being a Catholic church, there are also burials of non-believers, like Foscolo himself. The first personality inhumed here was Leonardo Bruni , while the last person actually buried in Santa Croce was Giovanni Gentile in 1944 , but in the post-war period commemorative plaques will be affixed, like the one for Enrico Fermi , whose tomb is in the United States where he died in 1954 .
Santa Croce is a prestigious symbol of Florence, the meeting place of the greatest artists, theologians, religious, writers, humanists and politicians, who determined, in good and bad fortune, the identity of the late-medieval and Renaissance city. Inside they also found hospitality famous people of the history of the Church such as St. Bonaventure , Peter of John Olivi , St. Anthony of Padua , St. Bernardine of Siena , St. Louis of Anjou . It was also a place of welcome for pontiffs such as Sixtus IV , Eugene IV , Leo X , Clement XIV . He has the rank of minor basilica .