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A Finnish at the Medici Court

The exhibition, which opens the celebrations in Italy of the Centenary of Independence of Finland, has the patronage of the Embassy of Finland in Rome, the Consulate of Finland in Florence and the Metropolitan City of Florence. "A Finnish at the Medici Court" is the first exhibition event of the "Markku Piri glass and paintings" traveling to Italy, which will be hosted in Rome, in the Carlo Bilotti Museum, in Villa Borghese's Aranciera Then in Venice, in the Glass Museum of Murano. Markku Piri, born in 1955, designer, stage designer, painter, multi-faceted and prolific Finnish artist has made, upon invitation, numerous personal exhibitions in galleries and museums, both in Finland and abroad.

The exhibition features 90 artworks, artistic creations in glass, including large installations by Markku Piri with the most renowned artisan masters of Murano and with the artists of the Finnish Lasismi Co-operative; 15 works, serigraphs and paintings depicting themes of nature and architecture; Printed fabrics, cotton and linen, drawn for the centenary of independence of Finland, whose subjects refer to Finnish images.

The idea behind the exhibition is the creation of a dialogue between three-dimensional glass sculptures and two-dimensional artworks, silkscreen prints, paintings and fabrics, as in the case of silk-screen printing Markku Piri of the Shadow Dances series, who works with the work of glass Raggi del Sole realized in Murano by the master Simone Cenedese. Even the spaces of the three exhibition venues inspired the creations of Piri, and they are perfectly matched with them. With this spirit at Palazzo Medici Riccardi, in Sala Fabiani, Markku Piri has devised an installation in honor of Michelangelo, which will be placed on the marble staircase of Michelangelo's quality.