• Palazzo Pitti

Palazzo Pitti was the residence of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany , already inhabited by Medici , from the Habsburg-Lorraine and from the Savoia . It is located in piazza dei Pitti at number 1, in the area of ​​ Oltrarno . Inside it is housed a museum complex made up of galleries and museums of different nature : the Galleria Palatina (the art gallery preserves masterpieces of Raffaello , Titian , etc.) arranged according to the criterion of the quadreria eighteenth-century, the Royal Apartments , the The Duchess of Aosta and the District of the Prince of Naples (usually not visited by tourists), the <1658 > Gallery of modern art (with the works of the macchiaioli ) and other specialized museums: Treasure of the Grand Dukes , dedicated to applied art, the Museum of fashion and costume , the largest Italian fashion museum, Porcelain Museum and Museum of Carriages .The monumental gardens of Boboli are one of the best e always in the world of Italian garden . The entire museum complex of Palazzo Pitti, which also includes the Boboli Gardens, in the 2016 was visited by a total of 1,282,089 people, making it, after the Uffizi and < 1678> Accademia the third most visited Italian state museum in Florence.